LED Continuous Lighting

• High efficiency 95% colour corrected rendering LED with a Kelvin rating of 5560K,

• Green light source. No harmful infrared ray, mercury or ultraviolet radiation,
• Nanometer speed - instant start & restart!
• 60 000 hour lifespan, Single light can work 100 minutes at full power,
• Removable soft magnifier,
• Solid energy source - Great for newborn babies and skittish animals
• Easy to work,
• 100w equal to 1000w Halogen bulb, without the heat!


 • 3x 50w Waymay LED lights
• 3x Light Stands
• 3x Softboxes
• 3x Power Cords
• 1x Aluminium Case
Continuous LED Lighting


Individual Lights

LED-100-1pc - approx. = 1000w 

LED-150-1pc -  approx. = 1500w 

Comes with
• 1x Standard Reflector
• 1x Diffuser
• 1x Power Cord

Mobile LED

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