Ampro Rifle Slings & Swivels

Slings - Carry with Ease, Comfort & Stability!

 Secure set-up
 Anti-shock padding
 Easy length adjustment
 Strong metal swivels
 Strong and comfortable
 Dense neoprene reduces weight
 Anti-slip textured backing
 Stabilizing thumb loop

SL-75 Slings

Extreme padding absorbs shock
Reinforced Stitching for extra durability

SL-60 Slings

Convenient 4 bullet shell holders
Reinforced elastic center webbing


 Quick & silent release 

 Quick detachment 

 Quick secure set-up 

 Strong metal construction 

 Anodized for prolonged durability

QD Swivels

Quick Detachable (QD) Machine Screw Type Swivel
Includes ½” Front & Rear Stock screws, Stud & Spacer
Compatible with all Standard Swivel Studs
Designed to Replace Factory non-detachable Swivels
Suitable for Rifles, Shotguns & Muzzleloaders

PB Swivels

Push-Button quick detachment
Easy installation
Great versatility
Flash mount front & rear bases for stud-FREE profile when sling & swivels are removed
Base glues in place – NO SCREWS
Suitable for Bolt-Action Rifles, Shotguns & Muzzleloaders

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