A British company, the Barr & Stroud story goes right back to 1891, when Archibald Barr and William Stroud were approached by the Admiralty of the Royal Navy to come up with a design for a short-base rangefinder.

With the outbreak of the first World War, they saw a large increase in demand for their rangefinders, but there was a problem with supplying the British forces with binoculars. At the time Zeiss, a German company, were the leading makers of binoculars and obviously the military thought this may cause problems in the future.

By 1919 Barr & Stroud started producing their first binoculars which were supplied to the British Navy and were used almost universally by them during WW2. Over the years they have played a leading role in the development of modern optics and today apart from binoculars they manufacture microscopes, monoculars and spotting scopes.

Sahara Binoculars Features:
• Rugged construction
• BaK-4 prism
• Waterproof for up to 3 minutes
• High degree of mechanical properties
• Quality optics

Available Models •
Sahara 842   = 8x42
Sahara 1042   = 10x42

Series4 binoculars Features:
• Superb optical quality
• “Open Bridge” design
• Fits in your hand perfectly
• Designed for use with gloves
• BaK-4 prism

Available Models •
Series4 842     = 8x42
Series4 1042     =10x42

Series4 ED Binoculars Features:
• Extra-low dispersion ED glass
• Fully multi-coated broad band coating BaK-4 prisms
• High-precision and quality
• Fog proof
• Waterproof
• Rugged armour
• Ease of handling
• Designed for use with gloves

Available Models •
Series4 ED 842   =8x42
Series4 ED 1042   =10x42