Schletek Auto

Tuning, Bonding & Cleaning

Protecting your investment is all about quality care. Extend the life of your equipment & prevent damaging build-up with Schletek German precision chemicals.

• Manufactured in Germany
• Ammonia-Free
• Rust Protective
• Engineered to protect & extend life


• High quality, Teflon-based, long-lasting lubricant
• Loosen seized parts easily
• Low frictional resistance
• High temperature range –50° to +250°c
• Protects against corrosion
• Prevent rust in hard to reach places
• Repels moisture.

Industrial Cleaner

• Does not affect the surface
• Complete removal of contamination
• Non-flammable/non-toxic
• Micro active combination provides maximum cleaning power even at low doses
• Completely biodegradable
• Contains no NTA, Environmentally friendly
• Quick release and easy to use
• Cleanses hygienically by antibacterial effect
• Contains very effective protein solubilizer
• Equipped with effective chalk blocks therefore suitable for high pressure cleaners



• Special formulation of mineral oils, solvents PLUS graphite
• Strong rust remover, Loosens seized parts
• Low surface tension, High Penetration
• Quick effect on rust, dirt, etc
• Graphite is heat resistant up to 1000 ° C and lubricates during disassembly
• Applicable on all types of metal, Does not affect rubber
• Easy to apply, aerosol packaging operates in any position, graphite creeps upward
• Anti-shock nozzle

Polymer Adhesive Sealer

• Environmentally friendly, Isocyanate & silicone free
• Can be applied and cured underwater
• Can be painted over or coated
• Permanently elastic
• Applicable wet-on-wet
• Resistant to UV radiation, weather, saltwater & chlorine
• Excellent adhesion on many surfaces
• Rapid hardening
• High temperature range –40° to +100°c
• ISEGA Certificate of Compliance

Liquid Gasket :

• Made from rubber
• High-grade product for seals of all kinds
• Unique valve with adjustable flow speed, suitable for larger and smaller applications
• Simple and even application, therefore easy and economical
• Fast drying, excellent adhesion
• Does not dry out in the can after use
• Superior resistance to high temperatures (up to 270°C) and other influences

Windscreen & Glass Adhesive

•Environmentally friendly, Isocyanate & silicone free

• TUV-SUD Crash-test Certification
• Outstanding bonding characteristics – even without primer
• Adheres to Glass, metal, plastics, paints, primers, wood & mineral-based surfaces
• Remains elastic even after hardening within temperature range –40° to +120°c
• Does not shrink, vibration resistant, cross-links neutrally
• Odourless & fast hardening
• Can be painted over wet-on-wet with acrylate & dispersion varnishes
• UV & ageing resistant

Brake Paste :

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Silicone spray

• Clear liquid, therefore virtually invisible         
• Simple to apply
• Repels moisture
• Long-term effect
• Protects plastics against discolouration
• Makes rubbers supple and prevents them from freezing
• Protects ignition systems against failures due to dampness

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